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Bitcoin may not be the end, but it is certainly the beginning.


The Logicoins resort project, being carried out in conjunction with ClickJett is Launching and opening up for business officially on Saturday April 19th. The Logicoins Network brings access to crypto and digital currencies in places where exchanges regularly take place and users frequently use booking and reservation systems and and require easy access to automated cash in and cash out systems, potentially revolutionizing the entire travel industry.


Unlike other standard ATM systems, The Logicoins’ technology-forward Cash-In Cash-Out Multi-Currency Vending System will allow customers to complete real-time crypto-currency purchases and sales through a live exchange. These real-time exchanges can take place at the current trading price at the time of the exchange, with settable maximum cash withdrawals and live currency purchases per transaction. Use our existing machines or purchase one for your business.


The first machine and pilot system for the project is at West Coast Float - 7-4433 Sundial Place

This location provides a prime location for Logicoins “Resort Municipality” pilot project.